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Knitting for the Soul

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Prayer Shawl

This evening I finally finished my first prayer shawl. It was more time-consuming than I'd hoped, and I'm not sure I like the way the yarn self-stripes, but it works. I wasn't sure who I would give it to when I started it, but figured out pretty quickly that it belonged to a woman I met in Sunday school about a month ago who was recently diagnosed with lupus. Considering that I have lupus also (though thankfully I've been in remission for years), my heart went ont to her. I know what she's going through and I know how important support and encouragement are going to be to her over the coming months and years.

I think it was fitting that I finished this shawl while sitting outside at Starbucks, enjoying a cup of iced tea, watching the sun begin to set. While sitting there, it finally became clear to me why I love the beach. There's something about a vast, open sky that reminds me of the majesty of the world. I'm reminded that there is something that is so much bigger and more important than I could ever be. It's evenings like this that I'm so thankful for so many things. Being outdoors, and really *being* there - in the moment- seems to put everything else into perspective.

So I prayed as I knit... first prayers of gratitude... for my life, for my family and friends, for my church, for God's grace. Then I prayed "into" the shawl, hoping that when Kim wears this shawl, she will feel the love and support of God, her family and her friends. I hope she will wear this shawl like a hug, and receive comfort and peace surrounding her. I pray that this shawl will be a reminder that she is loved and that others care for her.

The pattern is a very simple one, compliments of Knitting for the Ministry. It's a modified seed stitch, aptly called a "trinity stitch" which is K3, P3, on a multiple of 3 stitches that is an odd number. Since there's an odd trio at the end of each row, each row ends with K3 and the subsequent rows begin with K3 to give it the moss seed effect.

This is not a great picture, but here it is.


  • Oh I love the way it stripes and I love those vibrant colors. Good for you. I have been wanting to start something like this at my church. I've been dragging my feet though because I'm afraid of rejection. I'll have to go through with it though to conquer that fear. Did you buy the book for the patterns?

    By Blogger _Prudent Purl, at 5:55 PM  

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