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Knitting for the Soul

Monday, August 01, 2005

Almost Here!!!

The "preview" copies of the book and companion journal came in the mail on Friday and the printer did a fabulous job. I was really concerned about the quality of the cover images because I took the photographs myself and although I followed the instructions on uploading them, I know nothing about resolution and pixels, so I was really praying that it would all work and it did. I found one typo so far and one pretty significant technical error that I made. I added a blank page in the front so that the title page, acknowledgements, etc. would be on the right-hand side, but I should have added two blank pages because they all ended up on the left. But that's really easy to fix so I'm hoping to get that all done this week, upload the revisions and then the book will be available! I can't wait to share it with you. I've received so many emails of encouragement and support. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

Now on a sadder note, my brother-in-law was diagnosed quite suddenly with cancer on Friday night. They did emergency surgery on Saturday but the tumor was too large and too embedded in his colon to remove. They also found several very small tiny tumors that had spread to his liver and intestines. He has agreed to chemo and the doctors are hoping that chemo will shrink the large tumor enough for them to be able to remove it surgically and in the process, will also dissolve the smaller ones. I know that we serve a loving and merciful God who can and does work miracles and I know that things will work out according to His will. Please keep my brother-in-law, Rick Anderson, his wife Corlis, and their son Michael in your prayers. Thanks.